Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ein Leben ohne Träume ist zu leicht

ein Leben mit Liebe ist zu schwer

What's the first thing you notice about this picture?

Hung and well hung

Jesus has huge testes, apparently.  I mean, it's obnoxious.  The Catholics here really take their shit seriously.  (I mean, if I believed in a god, he'd have a huge schlong too, but...)
That said, this is really in a pretty part of town.  This is actually on an Innsbruck, that is, a bridge over the river Inn, which meanders around and through the town.
That's all for now.  I'll leave you with this, the average direction of research:

They need one that doubles back on itself about five times.

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  1. Hey, it really is a thrill to read your blogs. I never know exactly where you're going to go (so to speak) with them, and I am always surprised (well, not really). I absolutely love the directional signs picture (yes, that's research) and the video. God, well. . . . And, toilets and such, well. . . . As I said, it's a thrill!

    It's strange missing you in Tucson; I mean, it's different from missing you in Boulder, if you get what I mean. Like I'm missing myself. . . . We're .923562 unpacked. We're .52235 put away. Your labeling of boxes has kept us cheerful (but not mystified).

    You can cry a bit, you know. It's not forbidden. And, you can even let the "lonelies" in. They won't stay; they're not you. Let 'em have at you for awhile, and then they'll get tired of playing with you and go home. It's OK. In the meantime, keep the blogs coming.